Chaosboyz is a bunch of people hell bent on miniature gaming. More specifically games churned out by Games Workshop. To face the truth, we are a sorry collection of white metal and acrylic paint addicts, embittered during the years enough to start spreading the disease.

This is to say that we are the premier Warhammer tournament organizers in the southern Finland.

Who exactly are counted as Chaosboyz proper is a bit fuzzy, but it should include at least Antti, Atte, Erno, Niilo, Otso, Santtu and Tube - in alphabetical order. Others too numerous to list here have helped a lot with scenery, arbitrating the games and practical arrangements.

We have also an extra speshul Chaosboyz Ranking List(!). Scoring is based on the last few tournaments, you get 15 points for a first place, one point for a 15th place and some, with linear interpolation, in the between. So, what the CB Ranking measures is both success as a player and the sadness - or lack - of life (the fraction of attended tournaments). Lists of Who's Something in Fantasy Ranking and 40k Ranking are here. Generic ramblings are also available.

Image is Nothing.

Blood is Everything.

Obey your 'Thirster.