News from 2001

Maailmanlopun Masiina - Warhammer tournament. Rules are up.

Warhammer QA links checked, Annual 2002 errata link added.

One tournament coming up, sir. 12.-13.1.2002 Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament in Smökki as usual.

Minor update to results and rankings.

Contact Krew page added. If you have something to comment that's the place go.

Links to current 40K and WHFB Q&A's are on Ramblings... page.

Chaosboyz rankings are updated!!! See who is who in WHFB and 40K.

Only four results missing, one from last year and three from 1997. Almost all of the pages got some minor fixes and all the result pages were redone to have more unified look.

Trying to get this site run on a new location. Couple of pics missing and all the results from year 2000. I hope I can get them from somewhere. When all existing ones are found I will update rankings.

New improved(?) look ready. Old tournament pages are not updated. The one who is responsible for updating this site is Santtu, so it's me who you should be pestering with complaints when something is missing.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer 40,000

Image is Nothing.

Blood is Everything.

Obey your 'Thirster.