So far we've managed to pull off the following events:
  • Christmas 40k in SMökki, 1996. Results and War Stories can be found here. They are in Finnish, though.

  • Easter WHFB 1997 in the New Student House in Helsinki. Results available here.

  • 40k in July 1997 in SMökki, Otaniemi.

  • Ropecon 1997 WHFB.

  • 40k in November 1997.

  • Easter Apocalypse 1998, 40k and WHFB. Results of WHFB and 40k are now available.

  • Ropecon 1998 40k and WHFB. A composite page of the results is here. Arena of Death provided fun and mayhem for the lil' munckins between the tournament rounds.

  • Warhammer tournament The Magic of Christmas 19.-20. 12. 1998. Results can be found here.

  • 3rd edition WH40k "War gives the best high" 9.-10. 1. 1999. Results can be found here.

  • Warhammer 40k Winter War during the Easter holidays, 2nd and 3rd of April. Results are here.

  • Club War, Warhammer Fantasy Battle on June 19th and 20th. Results.

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle in Ropecon 1999, August 20th to 22nd. Rules for the tournament are available, and results as well.

  • Y40K in SMökki 8.-9.1.2000. Results here.

  • WH2K in SMökki 22.-23.4.2000. Warhammer Fantasy Battle with some experimental rules. Results can be found here.

  • Ropecon 2000 Warhammer 40k tournament. Staged as part of the GW's worldwide Third War for Armageddon campagin. Results are here.

  • War Must Go On - 1750 points of Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. 6.-7.1. at Smökki, Otaniemi. You can grab tournament pack here. Results are here.

  • Nightmare Before Easter 15. & 16.4. at Smökki, Otaniemi. Yes, we know that the tournament is during Easter - the name refers to the painting frenzy required a few days before a tournament. Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th, 2000 points. Rules. Results.

  • Warhammer 40.000 tournament. 16.-17.6.2001, again at Smökki. Rules and information pack is now available. About a megabyte of magnificient Word 97 document. Get results here.

  • Ropecon 2001 Warhammer Fantsy Battle tournament Herohammer. Rules and information pack here. Get results here.

  • Maailmanlopun masiina, Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament 12.-13.1.2002. Rules and regulations. Results.

  • Suffer not the unclean to live, WH40K Campaign 31.3.-1.4.2002. Rules, results.


  • Ropecon 2002 WH40K Tournament 27.-28.7.2002. Four rounds with UK Grand Tournament rules. Almost 120 players started, 114 got names on score board.

  • 'Äitiäs kanssa' WH40K tournament 5.-6.1.2003. Rules. Results.

  • 'War and Fees' WHFB tournament 19.-20.4.2003. There were some rules. Check scoreboard here.

  • Summer of Chaos, warhammer 40000 campaign 11.6. - 20.7.2003. Campaign info, Planet HellSinai info, What did happen during the campaign will be revealed shortly... (Yeah right, we're just too busy to write it. Or something.)

  • Ropecon 2003 Fantasy Battle tournament. Rules. Results.

  • Mikä joulurauha?, WHFB tournament 3.-4.1.2004. Rules, results

  • Ropecon 2004 WH40K Tournament 23.-25.7.2004. Rules, results.

  • Chaosboyz Grand Tournament 16.-17.10.2004. Rules. Results.

  • Levottomat 40K - WH40K Tournament 27.-28.3.2005. Rules, results.

  • Ropecon 2005 WHFB Tournament 22.-24.7.2005. rules, results

  • Breakfast for Champions Tournament 28.-29.12.2005. Rules, results.

  • Fanatic Helsinki 6.-7.5.2006. Rules, results.
    Kiitokset Fantasiapeleille, GW:lle ja Puolenkuun peleille 'jutuista'. Tommi Ojala järkkäsi puolestamme LoTR turnauksen tuonne, kiitokset siitä hänelle.

  • Ropecon 2006 WH40K tournament 11.-13.8.2006. Rules, results.

  • Helsinki Fanatic 31.3.-1.4.2007. FB & 40K results here.

  • Ropecon 2007 WHFB tournament 10.-12.8.2007. Rules, results

  • Fanatic Helsinki 26.4.-27.4.2008. Rules, Results
    Kiitokset Puolenkuun peleille maastoista. Tommi Ojala järkkäsi taas LotR turnauksen.

  • Epic Armageddon at Ropecon 2010 of 39 events with over 2250 players.


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